We are moving!

AMPP is moving to a new location in April/May 2019. AMPP is currently located at the Kosmonaut in Amersfoort. Due to lack of space we will move to Amperestraat 20 in Nijkerk. Like Amersfoort, this location is very central located and easily accessible.

Test setup impression

AMPP is always looking for improvements and innovations in order to make processes more reliable, efficient and accessible.

Since everyone is connected with each other, machines can’t be left behind. Therefore customers come up with wishes to be able to connect with there machines from all over the world on a fast and secure way.

This specific test setup is created for a costumer which was asking for a lot of data acquisition from there machine and make it accessible to his own. By receiving data from a central point, the machine must be able to react and change its setpoints. This to ensure the product will be processed with the best possible settings.

VET-ER-AAN racing team

AMPP is sponsoring VET-ER-AAN Racing team from Leusden for some years now.

Hereby a small impression of the race from Stoutenburg.

Karting at Coronel karting

As AMPP we were karting at indoor karting Coronel.

Before we jumped in the Karts we had something to eat & drink. After finishing meals, the staff gave safety instructions in order to keep it safe on race track.

First out of three heats was ready to start. Each heat with a duration of 10 minutes. After all three heats we had a good laugh and much fun talking about what happened on racing track.

Successful commissioning Oman

Successful commissioning finished in a beautiful and sunny Oman.

The first salt production factory in Oman is a fact! This was celebrated according to the local costoms.

AMPP Style testing

Another control panel ready to be shipped after we have tested the complete control panel combined with our PLC and HMI/SCADA software.

As you can see AMPP is not simulating his software but does a functional test with software and hardware combined with test equipment. We designed the test equipment our self to replicate each customers machine or process layout as realistic as possible. With our test equipment we can simulate all analogue in- and outputs, digital in- and outputs, internal wiring of the control panel, visualisation and software. All perfectly tested by our “Cause and Effect Matrix” document. Because onsite it is very time consuming to test all possible alarms and warnings.

This is the power and additional quality behind AMPP engineering to keep the commissioning time as short as possible and quality high.